Abdij Val-Dieu

Last Saturday was all about a brisk walk in the area of ​​’Abdij Val-Dieu’ (Belgium) less than 30 minutes from my hometown.

I had a lovely walk with three friends (group of photographers) and at the end of the walk I let my drone fly in the Belgian airspace for a while.

This abbey was ideally suited for a photo. The only ‘problem’ (read: fear) was the quite strong wind that was certainly a lot stronger at a height of 90 meters than where I was standing, but the drone had withstood everything well and after 15 minutes I could start the descent without any problems .

After landing I packed everything and enjoyed a hearty meal in the associated brasserie. Of course accompanied with the abbey’s own beer (the Tripel and Grand cru)

More information: https://www.abbaye-du-val-dieu.be/nl/

Abdij Val-Dieu

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