René Hartmans


The man behind the camera, that’s me: René Hartmans (The Netherlands). I love to shoot live concerts. I inherited the passion for photography from my father Peter. For many years I was a photographer at the oldest annual pop festival that we have in The Netherlands: Pinkpop Festival. Today I am involved at a slightly younger and smaller, but also local festival: ParkCity Live. My work therefore mainly consist of pictures taken of live performing musicians. There are some bigger and some smaller names and some with international or only national fame. These are just a few examples: Metallica, John Mayer and Slash. I will also be publishing my travel photography as well as some more everyday photography that I want to start focusing on; capturing the precious moments that I spend together with my girlfriend, family and friends. All pictures are copyrighted and it is therefore not permitted to use or publish them without my explicit permission. Please contact me if you want to publish my pictures in any way. All images are available for purchase as fine art prints! Do you recognize the man in the background picture? It is James Hetfield from Metallica. I took it at Pinkpop 2014.

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