First snow Boscafé ‘t Hijgend Hert

Today is the first real winter day with finally a bit of snow that usually melts again within a day. Luckily I had a day off today and I went for a nice walk with my wife and visited Vijlen.

Vijlen is a small village near Vaals and not very far away from our hometown. It is a beautiful wooded area and it is +260 meters N.A.P. and in terms of temperature it makes the difference that the rain turns into snow earlier, as it is today, was the case.

Our starting point today was Boscafé ‘t Hijgend Hert. It is a well known restaurant and very popular with hikers and other day trippers. During this time of the pandemic, the restaurant is closed but there is plenty of food and drinks (even their own beer) to take on the go (adjusted opening hours: from Friday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

More information: ‘t Hijgend Hert 

Boscafé 't Hijgend Hert

Boscafé 't Hijgend Hert

Boscafé 't Hijgend Hert

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