The Corona Project [part 1]

The Coronavirus has had a significant impact on daily life in the Netherlands as in the rest of the world.. The government has indicated that people should work from home as much as possible. Restaurants, theaters and pubs have been closed since last Sunday until at least April 6. Almost all social activities are canceled to reduce the spread of the virus. Fortunately, there is no complete lockdown, but general advice is to keep your social contacts to a minimum.

We are all confronted with things that we would normally take for granted, such as visiting your grandmother and today is Sylvia’s grandmother’s birthday (87). As a precaution the care home is closed for all visitors and this is completely understandable and that is why we drove this morning to the parking place of the care home and from there we called her grandmother and sang a birthday song for her. From her living room she could see us standing at a safe distance behind the closed window.

And because almost all social activities are cancelled I will use my camera to look for those moments that are normally completely different, such as an empty Ikea parking lot on this Saturday, but also an empty city center of Heerlen.

I will try to add more photos to my portfolio for the next few weeks, but I hope that we, and the rest of the world, will not be operating in this uncertainty for too long.

Take care.

Greetings René

City centre Heerlen

21.03.2020 (Heerlen)
21.03.2020 (Heerlen)

Ikea Heerlen

21.03.2020 (Heerlen)
21.03.2020 (Heerlen)

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