The Corona Project [part 2]

It’s the 2nd week that my girlfriend and I have to work from home because of the Coronavirus. It takes some getting used to but luckily we can continue working and our jobs are not at risk. There are many people who lose part of their wages or even their jobs. I would like to wish these people a lot of strength and let us hope that the stricter measures prove their effect and that we may perhaps receive cautious positive news in June.

Yesterday it went shopping for the first time since the tightened measures in the Netherlands. Strange to see some people in the supermarket with gloves and face masks. Fortunately it was not too busy last night and despite the signs in front of the entrance that only 1 person per household was allowed to enter the store, there were still people who just went in with the two of them. In the store I spoke to an employee and he said that from today this is no longer possible in the AH XXL (Kerkrade) and the shopping carts will also be disinfected before use.

Everyone’s social life is now undergoing a phase of almost complete standstill. Looking up family and friends is not wise now and you will be indoors most of the day. Fortunately, to keep moving, it is still possible for me to keep running.

In my own environment I also see more initiatives to support the healthcare staff who currently have to care for an ever growing number of patients. The Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen also took such an initiative by placing a few red lamps in such a way that they form a heart.

Take good care of each other and next week a new photo that directly or indirectly has to do with the Corona virus.

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