The Corona Project [part 5]

Three weeks ago I read an urgent call from Xonar (Youth care) that they were looking for laptops, iPads etc. for those young people who don’t have access to these devices because of their personal financial circumstances. These laptops and/or iPads are necessary for these young people to be able to do their homework from home, because they too are forced to stay at home because of the virus.

Read this article (Dutch):

After reading this message I immediately contacted Gerard van Olphen. Gerard is the CEO of APG (my employer) and after a few internal e-mails I got the message that we as APG would donate five iPads. Last week I delivered these iPads together with my girlfriend at the Xonar office in Heerlen.

In the picture Sylvia (my girlfriend who works at Xonar) hands the iPads to facilities employee Fred and of course at an appropriate distance.

Proud that my employer APG has been able to contribute to this.

Many Dutch artists are inspired by the Coronavirus to express this strange time in writing a song, just like Danny Vera with his song ‘Hold on to let go’.

Danny Vera playing 'Hold On To let Go'

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