Keymusic Heerlen – Arons Muziek

Last week I visited my most favorite store in Heerlen ‘Keymusic Heerlen – Arons Muziek’.

When the first message reached me about the announced closure, not only I was in shock but probably also all other music lovers in the area. Arons Music is in my personal opinion a company where customer satisfaction is still being pursued. Jeroen is a great entrepreneur (with every cell in his body) and his love for this profession is not only limited to his own business. Past numerous musical activities in the center of Heerlen could always count on his expertise and I believe they can still do this (because he is back in business).

As a customer of Arons Music and of course a music lover, I’m delighted that Jeroen, together with investor Jan ‘t Hoen (KEYMUSIC), was able to ensure that the doors were closed for a short time.

Read the full article in the local newspaper: here (sorry in Dutch) and watch the video.

Lex Ontmoet... Jeroen Arons (Storemanager Keymusic Arons Muziek)

Jan 't Hoen

Foto: Dingena Mol |
Foto: Dingena Mol |

Source video: RTV Parkstad

Source picture Jan ‘t Hoen: Dingena Mol fotografie

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