Limburg van boven

Middelhof – Limburg van boven

Two weeks ago I went on a beautiful hike in Belgium (Limburg) with my wife and friends. At one point I saw a nice place to take off my drone. I wanted to take a picture of the beautiful landscape and the railway bridge in the background.

After the drone had just taken off, and I had to fly over a piece of private land, the owner asked me if I would be kind enough to not fly over his land. Somewhat surprised by his response, I answered his call because I don’t want to be a burden to anyone despite not breaking any rules under European drone law.

After a few minutes the owner of the private land (Fred) arrived and explained in more detail why he didn’t like this and suddenly it became a very interesting conversation. Fred became very enthusiastic about the drone and how he could inspect his livestock with this drone on his estate without physically driving to them.

It won’t be long before Fred owns his own drone.

Take a look at Fred’s website:

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