ParkCity Live 2019

Yesterday was the first day of the music festival ParkCity Live in Heerlen. The weather gods had promised in advance that it would be a sun-drenched day and they kept that vow. The thermometer indicated a temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius and the organization had anticipated this well by creating extra shadow spots. What could be better anticipated was the place where free water could be filled because this was far from sufficient for the number of visitors. This resulted in very long queues at an outside temperature that you would rather not wait too long in a queue.

But now back to the music and atmosphere of this day and this one was just super amazing, just like all the previous years of this festival. Photographically, I have certainly been able to make some nice photos that will be published here in my blog (and portfolio) over the course of the weeks. (a few photos will be published on the Facebook page of Arons Muziek Heerlen next week)

The artists themselves, watching and listening to the music, is not the most important thing for most visitors to this festival because it is mainly about the atmosphere and seeing your friends to catch up while enjoying a nice cold drink.

Today on the second day the outside temperature is expected to be slightly lower than yesterday, which will certainly be a lot more pleasant for most visitors.

We wish everyone a wonderful second day of festival.

Greeting team (Sylvia & René)

(Shop picture DeWolff:

DeWolff - Deceit & Woo (Official Studio Video)

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