Playa Urbana

Last Friday, my girlfriend and I attended a concert for the first time since the Corona pandemic. Not just any concert, but an outdoor concert with due observance of all applicable Corona rules in The Netherlands. These summer sessions are an initiative of cultuurwerkplaats Zeezicht and pop venue Nieuwe Nor and are presented under the name Playa Urbana.

Tickets for these concerts must be purchased online in advance and the drinks you want to consume during the concert must also be ordered online in advance, to prevent visitors from leaving their regular seat too much and so that the 1.5 meters can always be maintained. (there is no option other than to order your drinks online in advance, because there are no drink points)

Now something about the concert itself because on stage the The Hillbilly Moonshiners, a Bluegrass Band, played well-known songs by other artists topped with their own musical sauce. I personally found the first part of their performance to be on the flat side, but they more than made up for that when they involved the audience more in their show.

I had not applied for a press card, but had brought my camera and took some photos from my own seat.

For a fun night out, check the program at:

Location Playa Urbana: C-Mill in Heerlen

C-Mill Heerlen

The Hillbilly Moonshiners - All The Small Things

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